About the company



“VIENNAPHARMACIA” Ltd. is an Austrian Joint Venture company, operating in the field of production and sales of food supplements, drugs and any other type of pharmaceutical products.
The company strategy is based on the state-of-the-art technologies, accessible on the market, delivering company products with best quality and at exclusive prices, allowing clients using them to feel their positive influence on their health.
We use tested and effective recipes in the development and creation of our products, most often found in old recipe reproductions, coordinated with the requirements for appropriate natural effect and maximum functional treatment effect.


As a producer, we manage the overall process of our production, starting from the product organization, combining the recipe process, delivery of raw materials and ingredients, preparing the vision, the packaging process and the delivery of complete production.
We try to guarantee to clients to provide conditions for production and delivery within the shortest timeframe possible.


All of our products use manufacturing regulations applicable for pharmaceutical treatment products under the requirements of GMP and HACCP.


In relation to the innovative products, which we are currently preparing and launching on the market, based on the extensive international  experience of our team, we have a broad network of counterparties in many different countries, which creates a positive image and mutual trust between the partners.
We are always open to cooperation and we seek new distribution forms and channels of cooperation, as well as partners, for which we can provide our production capabilities.

We invite all interested parties to contact us to discuss our future cooperation.